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in the heart of Brno

Market leader in customer well – being

“working in Titanium is a genuine pleasure”

TITANIUM is the state-of-the-art business complex, creating state of the art working conditions with a relaxing retreat caressed by nature, all in the heart of Brno. Along with excellent access to major highways and comfortable parking it is designed to fulfil even the highest of expectations.


13.500 m2

Office spaces

44.000 m2

Retail spaces

6.000 m2

Parking spaces


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The present and the future

Phase I

In 2013 phase I. construction was completed – TITANIUM, made up of 2 individual buildings. Building A and B are located towards the Nové Sady avenue; buildings C and D are located towards the interior park with garden. The buildings are connected with a unique relaxing park with a designer pool, water fountain and flower zone. Due to its unique architectural design and technical standard, the park creates one of the main landmarks of Brno. The exclusive working environment is facilitated by the high standard of office spaces, modern technologies and services of the highest level.

Retail spaces are located on the ground floor of both buildings, with floor to ceiling windows showing the Nove Sady avenue and interior park. Office spaces are located in the 2nd to 7th floors. The garage in is the 1st underground level, which is always available to residents. There is however a selected area exclusive for visitors of the complex.

The unique nature of the project is facilitated by its emphasis on comfort, convenience and overall happiness of users of the complex. The core for such services is providing the service with a manager. The complex manager provides the entire service, who is also always present at the complex and always has a personal, caring approach. His permanent attention and immediate reactions to any requests from the complex users creates a hotel style comfort.

Phase II

In september 2020 phase II of Business Complex TITANIUM construction was initiated. Phase II includes 2 towers; T – TOWER boutique and E – Exclusive house. Phase I of Business Complex TITANIUM is due to its unique architectural design and technical standard the most modern of administrative building complex – the new TOWER boutique and Exclusive house take an even bigger step forward. They offer the opportunity to work and create in the most exclusive business environment, but mainly offer the opportunity to distinguish and newly define your company.

Apart from the unique services, which place TITANIUM complex as market leader in customer well-being, TOWER boutique and Exclusive house introduce a level of services never before seen in the “office world”.

The exceptionality of TOWER boutique is underlined by the redefined reception with the newly introduced Concierge service, which creates a luxury hotel like feeling. Services like Bike Centrum, Executive Parking or Party Terrace on the rooftop for company events and client meetings will fulfil all your expectations. Exclusive offices spaces of the Exclusive house, further away from the Nové Sady avenue, offers excellent, inspiring in the zone of peace, underlined by the exclusive view onto the design park with pool and fountain.

The 1st and 2nd floors of both buildings, are dedicated to retail spaces with floor to ceiling windows looking onto both he Nové Sady avenue as well as the interior park with pool. Office spaces are located in the higher floors (3rd to 10th in TOWER boutique and 3rd to 7th in Exclusive house), granting impressive views of the Brno historic city centre. The variability of individual floors of both buildings in combination with the state-of-the-art technologies offers the opportunity for open/closed floor arrangements ensuring maximum utilisation efficiency. The ability to connect the established TITANIUM phase I floors with the new TITANIUM phase II floors offers an unprecedented 2500m2 on one floor.

Connecting phase I and phase II floors offers the possibility to combine the newly introduced phase II standards with the phase I standards. Companies can, based on their needs, utilise the phase I office spaces with the standard A1 and for company representation utilise the even more exclusive services and office spaces of phase II. The connection of both standards offers an unheard off opportunity to work and create in the most exclusive business environment and at the same time to benefit from maximum cost efficiency.

Why choose Titanium?

Market leader in customer well – being


Available for you


Brno city centre
Connection to D1, D2 and R52


public transport
main train station within walking distance

IN-HOUSE Services

restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, fitness centres,
florist, notary, solarium and more …


All glass exterior, relaxation park
with a pool and fountain


up to 2 500 m2
available office space per floor

Titanium also offers

Art gallery

post office

banking services


professional reception

24/7 access

express florist

manual car wash

Green Property

Since 2016 we are proud holders of the BREEAM certification, because the environment is also among our priorities.

What is BREEAM?



The certification assesses the building, its design, construction and usage. The tools used further represent a wide variety of criteria and categories, ranging from energy to ecology. They focus on energy and water usage, interior ambience (health and standard of living), contamination, traffic, materials, waste management, ecology and management processes.

Unique location

The prominent address of Business Complex TITANIUM in the Brno city centre offers its residents a plethora of other services, which enrich life, save time and improve the quality of the work environment.

Unordinary transport availability (car, tram, train), walking distance to all parts of the city centre, core tram line right in front of the main entrance of the complex and an excellent connection to the highway network ensures maximum comfort for all users of the complex.

Prostory k pronájmu

In progress
-1 detail
1 detail
TOWER boutique
1 detail
Exclusive house
1 detail

Technical Specifications

“Life support” of both buildings contains:

  • All glass exterior with openable windows
  • Oversized window
  • Clear 3m interior height, with only 60cm windowsills
  • Energy savings and ecological air-conditioning
  • Quad pipe heating system
  • Automatic ventilation with suction of used air from air extraction grids
  • Double flooring, housing floor boxes
  • Exterior blinds with semi-automatic control
  • 14 high-speed elevators, from which 4 are freight elevators
  • Back-up energy generator

Typical floor design

Extraordinary flexibility allows for a nearly custom design and setup of office spaces.

  • Smallest office space starts at only 17m2
  • Largest possible area for large-scale offices – 2500m2

State of the art technologies allow for effective allocation of:

  • Up to 300 individuals
  • 8 m2 per person



“I enjoy greatly the services offered by Business Complex Titanium. I have been using them for almost a year and I have not come across any significant issue. The management pays high attention to detail, is caring and strives to bring maximum satisfaction to their clients. The ladies at the reception are very approachable, willing, immediate and they do that always with a smile on their face, as a bonus. If you are looking for an office space or branch office for you company, I would warmly like to recommend Business Complex Titanium.”


Michaela Liptáková, Office Manager, Private Consulting Group



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In this section you will find every manual and guideline, that can be useful in your everyday life at work in BC Titanium.


Guidelines and manuals, that are useful in your everyday life at work in Titanium.

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